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What Is Pumpkin Days?

Pumpkin Days (previous known as Pumpkin Online) Is a farming, dating, rpg with a multiplayer mode. We aim to bring new and life and ideas to the farming rpg genre. It's a chill relaxing farming game where you can play at your own pace, and explore different ways to attain your goals. 

Unique Features of Pumpkin Days

We don't want to repeat all the same thing as other farming games, and so here are a few things that make us a bit different:

Non-Binary Character Customization
There is no need to select girl or boy in as gender does not play a role in our game. Simply use our body sliders in character customization to add feminine and/or as masculine features as you want. When playing with other players you can simply make a note of gender in your profile.

Date or Marry Players or NPCS Regardless of Gender
Any character who is dateable is open for you to date regardless of gender. 

Robust Farm and Furniture  Customization
Decorate both the inside and outwside of the farm with more freedom. Craft items not available in shops using over 300 different types of patterns, and colors. 

Multiplayer mode
Join your friend's game and farm together. 

Many items to discover
Pumpkin Days has over 90 different kinds of fish, 80 different kinds of crops and trees, 80different kinds of gems and ores and many more items not seenin other games.


Farming: Grow a wide variety of crops and vegetables to earn money and cook.

Ranching: Raise many different types of animals to get animal products
such as dairy and wool. 

Mining: Explore dark maze like mines for many different types of gems ores. The gems and ore can be sold or used for upgrades or building custom furniture

Fishing: There are over 100 different kinds of fish to catch and discover between the rivers, lakes and oceans.

Carpentry: Use wood gathered to make furniture, sell or decorate.

Build relationships with townsfolk: Befriending the characters in the town will open up special character quests and if you'd like later, marriage (Marriage will be implemented if the Beta release is successful)

Explore Nature: Explore different parts of the map gathering items for recipes or quests.

Fossil and Artifact hunting - Explore the world and find and collect fossils and artifacts to put in the museum.

These are the basics, but there are many other things to do in the game and the style of the game encourages player driven goals.

 To Be Added

If we get enough game sales and additional financial support we want to add these to the game as well

Animal Breeding - Breed animals to get different coats, and better products

Bug Catching- Explore the world and catch different kinds of Bugs

Marriage and Raising kids - Have your spouse help on the farm and raise your kids into teenagers.