Main Story

Jounce Corp. is an energy drink company that seeks to build its factory on the island that you have recently moved to. The residents build two large museums in hopes to fill in with artifacts, flora, and fauna to get the island a conservation status which will force Jounce Corp. to leave. If you help with filling up the museum then the factory construction will be delayed until they are forced to leave. However, if you allow Joucne Corp. to build their factory various natural resources around the island will grow scarce as they pollute the area/


There are over 80 different kinds of crops that you can grow (not including the herbs and flowers). You can pick one of three towns when you start the game and different crops grow in different towns.

Raising and Breeding Animals

You can raise a variety of animals including; cows, pigs, sheep, bulls, and chickens. You can raise animals for their animal products or for meat to be used in recipes (if you're that daring). You can breed your animals to get animals that yield more products or you have a chance to breed a rare animal not found in the shop.


There are over 80 different kinds of ores and minerals to discover in three different caves on the island. You can collect them for the museum, quests, or use them in crafting furniture which will take on the texture and look of the ore/gem you are crafting with.


There are over 80 different kinds of fish that can be caught! Different fish can be caught in different bodies of water in different seasons. Fish can be donated to the museum, for quests, or for recipes. You can also keep the fish in large fish tanks and breed them.

Craft Custom Furniture and Clothes

You can experiment with our vast crafting system which allows for you to apply patterns and colors to various decor items as well as clothes. There are over 300 colors/patterns you can buy from the shops and use to make your own unique furniture which cannon be bought at the store.

Romance and Befriend Townsfolk

There are over 100 characters between the four towns who you can pick to romance. You can also marry characters in other towns and you marry multiple characters if you wish. You can also befriend the local townsfolk for special quests that sometimes yield rare items.

Fossil and Artifact Hunting

There are a few dinosaur skeletons that Evan at the museum needs your help completing. Explore the caves and around the map to not only find these bones, but relics from across the island to submit to the museum.

Bug Catching

There are over 90 different kinds of bugs you can catch around the island. Donate to the museum, or have them for your own private collection. 

Raising Kids

When you get married you can raise your baby until it is a child (who can then help you on the farm if they love you enough). There is a limit of eight kids if you have the patience to wait for each one to grow up before having another.


Grow flowers around the bee boxes to make honey. The more flowers you have around your bee box the more honey you can get

Customize Your Farm

Decorate your farm however you want. You can place furniture both inside and outside of your house. You can even stack items on top of each other if the surface is flat enough. 

Festivals and Festival Minigames

There is a festival each season that has a mini-game that you can compete in to win unique prizes. There is a fishing, big-catching, and cooking mini-game that you can play. There won't be any prizes, but you can pay a fee to the mayor to play the mini-game any time throughout the year. 


Do everything mentioned above with friends! You can farm together and share a farm. or you can farm as rivals and farm separately. Just play and have fun with the game.