It’s that time again! We’re going to do another fanart contest!

Theme: No theme! 
Draw our Pumpkin Days characters however you like.

We are also giving away stickers and postcards just for entering to show our thanks!

Deadline: Jan 31st 2021


 We're giving out cash prizes directly to your paypal OR in the form of any giftcard you want (example, Amazon, Steam, Target etc), 

1st Place   - $100

2nd Place - $80

3rd Place - $50

1st - 10th Place  
Pumpkin Days Steamkey

There must be at least 40 entries to unlock all of these prizes, if we do not get enough entries due to lack of interest we may give out less prizes.


  1. Must be PG 13 

  2. Must have Pumpkin Days characters as they appear in the game or concept art

  3. Must have our game logo or the game's name somewhere on the picture
    (You can find the logo here)


  4. Cannot contain characters from other games or shows. 

  5. You must post it publicly and provide a link to where it is posted when you submit. (e.g DA, Twitter, Instagram etc.) (Posting on Steam does not count)

  6. When you post, you must have a link to our website or steam page and say who we are and if you want, tell people it's on Steam too that would be awesome. (please help spread the word)

    Example: "This is my entry for the Pumpkin Days fanart contest. Pumpkin Days is a new farming rpg indie game available on Steam right now, check them out here [link])"


  7. No tracing allowed. Bases are allowed but they will not be considered for a prize if it's obvious...


  •  You can submit multiple entries if you want

  •  We do not own your artwork and we cannot use it without your permission.

  •  Artwork will be shared on our social media platforms

  •  We will always credit your artwork when we share it

  •  Collaborations are allowed but only 1 person is responsible for collecting and fairly distributing the payment. We will not split prizes among multiple artists. 

  •  Digital and Traditional Entries are both allowed.

  •  Only 2d drawn illustration entries are allowed (This is to keep judging fair among all entries)

  •  The characters concept art and models may be different, feel free to draw either-or.

  •  Not required but we will appreciate it if you tagged your picture #PumpkinDays so it's searchable. 

  •  You can mix NPCs from different towns.

  •  Shipping between any character is allowed.


  • If you draw more than 1 character

  • The illustration shows the character's personality

  • Strong technical skill in composition, anatomy, and coloring

  • The characters are interacting with each other or doing a fun pose that
    shows their personality.