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Sep 19

donation bug


my friend is hosting a game and i am playing there. i wanted to spent something in the museum but i don´t get the dialog just the "hi".

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  • i upgraded my tiny house to a nice one. i got to the menu, where you have to place it, but when i wanted to do so, it told me, that id need 200 woodplanks (which i had in my inventory). i left and went home. my old house disappeared and no new new one appeared... all the items are gone as well, including the storage chest outside (which was packed full with potarrots, theese tomatomelon-things and jade vine flowers... all my money actually). i still have the woodplanks in my inventory and i dont have the option to upgrade to a nice house anymore, so its not just invisible, like the lost animals are. i really have a lot of (huge) bugs, while the host hardly has any, so maybe there is a special issue with players who arent hosting?
  • I owned the town farm plot in Pumpkin valley and placed my corps next to my barn. The first ones I harvested came as normally in my inventory but my second harvest disapeared when I tried to harvest it, I had the sound of harvesting but nothing in my inventory. It wasn't a specific kind of corp (I had a mixed field with some spring plants), I also think I didn't do something unusual. But I had also a little bug that my watering can, it was stuck at the well I couldn't water my fields (only if I clicked a second time at the well).
  • when i put items in processors, to let them been processed, and do something else in the meantime, they disappear. that happend with the sawmill and the windmill. it works, when i stay close and dont do something else. maybe, its when i go to town and when i open other processors or windows, like when i buy something... i cant tell for sure :/ (im not the host and we play in wahoo beach)