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Oct 13

Blind spots on the map


(Google translator)



I don't know, if it's just me or it's general.

The configuration I use is: Video resolution (1600x900), Window Mode (Windowed), Use VSync? (Yes)


Here are some examples:


1. Limit line to change from the World map to Town Map

Passing the line does not show the character's position on the map.


2. A good space must be advanced before it is shown on the Town Map


3. It is a wide area that must be traveled blindly








This case, apart from fulfilling the above. The star is where the character really is, but the map shows it on the side of Clementine Mine.




The most serious case is the Wahoo Beach map. Where the blind area is larger than Pumpkinvale.












By the way you might consider not using border on the map and thus take more advantage of the space.

Notice that the character's position cursor is hidden behind the edge. (View first image)


Note: I have noticed that Ezekiel now bends to observe the water, I had not seen it before!, I loved it!, it makes the world feel more alive! Thank you!

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