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Aug 23

Can´t smelt ore


Today i started the game. I try to make the Question from the Journal with Jefe. When i put the ore in the furnace nothing happens.

Aug 23

Same problem here. It was ok before 0.2.10.

I try to unistall and to install again, the bug still there. Iplayed it bevor and it works always, but then i start a new game and suddenly the same problem with the ores -.-

Okay, i have good news, you go to your steam Library, put the beta system bevor 0.2.10 annnnd it works again, after you finsish the quest, you can switch it back to the earlies patch <3

Aug 23

Yeah I have the same problem. I hope they fix it soon.

Aug 23Edited: Aug 23

I cannot smelt ore either (I am playing in Pumpkin vale). I speak to Jefe, he gives me ore and I put it in the smelt and nothing happens.

This also means I cannot buy any tools because every time I click on the blacksmith he tells me to put the ore in the smelt.

the problem is you must have 4 ores ,but you get only 3. Go to the Quest drop the ore in the melt and go outside the room. Then go inside and activate the quest again, you become 3 ors and whith the ors in the melt you have 6. That do not work if you have the ore in your bag.


Aug 24

I'm having this same problem. I am on Content buildID: 4134026. first time talking to jefe I am unable to smelt the ore when i put it in the furnace like he suggests.


Aug 24

after leaving the shop and restarting the mission he gave me the 4 pieces i needed and it worked.

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