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Sep 18

Floating Animals


I have a cow and chicken floating high in the air. They don't move but, still poop and I can't pick up the poop, either. I also can't touch the animals.

I had the same problem some days ago


Two cows on the same spot were stuck floating above the ground and poop was collecting under them.


Solution (just works if you have at least two barns and enough free space in the barn you want to transfer your animal to)

I transferred them into the other barn (open journal, click on your list for the animals, click on the house-icon behind your floating animal and select the other barn).

For the poop. I tried to shovel it away multiple times but it was

a) difficult to click on it and get a reaction from my character.

b) not possible to remove it, despite my character doing the shoveling-motion.

At some point the poop just vanishes but I don't remember the cause. It was either the automatic change of the season or it was just gone after I restarted the game.


Good luck!


Upon further reflection, for me, the two animals had gone into the barn and I upgraded it and could not place it back where it was because of stuff on the ground in the yard. I moved the barn and I think this moved the animals to above where the roof was instead of on the floor of the barn. I have not had the problem again.

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