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Aug 19

I can not set up my bed and well!!


Edited: Aug 20

I just bought the game and can not play it because I can not set up the bed and well! so I can not sleep and work!

Can you explain further how you cannot place your bed and well? You need to click on the item in the inventory and click the 'place' option that appears. Then when you are on your farm the items should be in green and you can click to place them. I hope that helps, if you need more help let us know.

I know how it works, but it does not work. my friend plays it too we wanted to play it together and it works for him.

I can play normally,but i can not put up everything.

I have the same problem. It appeared after I tried to place the chair from the first quest in the furniture store in my own house instead of placing it in the store.

yeah, the game seems to buggie to play it .. although I was very happy but since I can not put up anything, I can not play the items shine green but I want to put them disappear again and again in my inventory.

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  • Since our last update the auto save interferes with all game play. Walking, jumping, fishing, when in storage, it stops the transfer of items. At first I was ok with it, now it's getting really annoying. I tried reinstalling but it's still there.
  • Went to explore diamond hills and trying to find way back down I jumped over cliff and realized after wandering that I was in the water. i tried to reload game hoping that it didn't save before i jumped and game crashed. I did fill out report fyi. I went to run game again and Im still in same spot cant find way out so have to wait till i pass out cuz nothing came up showing I was losing stamina or in the water