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Aug 18

Lost Game

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Hello, I played today in multiplayer I hosted and now my game and progress is gone. Can you help me get it back?


Oh no I am sorry. The game should make back up files under %localappdata%\PumpkinOnline\Saved\SaveGames You can check and see if it made backups of your game. If not make sure you have autosave turned on from Esc > Settings > Controls or else the game won't automatically save. Can you also explain which progress was lost?

New Posts
  • Hi, recently when I pull up the museum menu and click on flowers, for example, it shows me ores. It got screwed up somehow. Nothing is showing what it is supposed to, the tabs I mean. I tried to log out and back in thinking it might fix but it doesn't. I am going to uninstall and reinstall in case I didn't update correctly. In the meantime, can you look into this? It could be a bug.
  • My animals like to all sleep on one side of the barn. Sometimes I'll have have 2 or 3 in the same stall. And then they glitch and won't move and then become sick because they are standing in their own filth. Even if I try to clean it up, it keeps getting me to click on the animals instead of the poo.
  • I can`t pick up Dee`s piercing at the dump behind the barrels.