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Sep 9

People stay in their homes all day/can't deliver stuff to them


I tried to deliver stuff to people which they requested on the quest board or which have been given to me by other villagers. As soon as I accepted a quest the people I should deliver to stayed in their houses until the time for the quest was up. This happed with 3 different villagers in Wahoo Beach and Pumpin Vale.

Have the same Problem with the Blue Mask Guy, Jim and Alex. It works now after restarting the game. Just a temporary solution for you :) .

i have the problem with just one person. Evan is either at his home w the door open or anywhere else. I can´t donate things to the museum anymore. If he is at home than i can talk to him and he goes into the mine and won´t come out

I have this problem (in Pumpkinvale) with Jelmo, Evan and Kumoko. But I'm not sure if this is a bug or if these npc do have other daily schedule since the latest updates.

The day the latest Update brought same changes Eddie, Sebastian and Alec weren't at work despite me being in their shops within their business-hours (and the doors opened for me, so everything else seemed to be as usual. They just weren't there and I couldn't shop/heal my animals). Luckily, his hasn't reoccured yet.

New Posts
  • Since our last update the auto save interferes with all game play. Walking, jumping, fishing, when in storage, it stops the transfer of items. At first I was ok with it, now it's getting really annoying. I tried reinstalling but it's still there.
  • Went to explore diamond hills and trying to find way back down I jumped over cliff and realized after wandering that I was in the water. i tried to reload game hoping that it didn't save before i jumped and game crashed. I did fill out report fyi. I went to run game again and Im still in same spot cant find way out so have to wait till i pass out cuz nothing came up showing I was losing stamina or in the water
  • if you want to go fishing but you can change your angel if you choose another item :/