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Sep 18

Plants near the fence vanished after restarting the game


(Pumpkinvale, Field Farm Plot, 3rd spring)

I planted trees in two rows, strawberry-plants and barley-plants, played the game for some hours (ingame: half a month) and the plants grew as usual.

I was able to harvest strawberries twice and replant the barley. The trees grew.

I saved the game and closed (as usual) and restarted it the next day and every plant within 3 fields next to the fence [see picture] just didn't exist anymore. The fields stayed.


I try to leave enough space next to the fences (usually 2 fields), because planting and watering doesn't always work in these areas (the same goes for placing objects - including placing objects inside the small house, when it's situated right next to the fence), but vanishing plants, which were already growing for several days, is new. And sad :(




Missing plants and trees [ignore the two empty 4by4-fields - I didn't plant anything there, yet]

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