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Jun 12

Somehow managed to fall into the river near the dump and now I'm stuck


I amaze myself with how I somehow manage things like this lol. Partially my fault because I was kind of curious on if I COULD go in the water. It became a little less funny after I realized I can't walk much further than either direction beyond the bridge and the autosave made it impossible to go back to my previous save. I didn't do much with this save file yet it might be a loss though. Maybe I'll keep a more serious file and a different one for purposely looking for game breaking bugs. XD












Jun 14

Similarly, I fell off the bridge up north and landed on my feet instead of swimming. Now it's too steep for me to jump out of the water and I run into invisible walls when I try to walk along the riverbed...



Made a similar gaffe, walked into the gap between the Western bridge out of Pumpkin Town and the western bank to see if I could. Well, I could, and now my character is trapped underwater there forever. It may be a good idea to have multiple autosaves visible on the load screen to roll back from this kind of thing. Oh well, new character ho!


Explorerbean: They added a teleport option for this very kind of problem after I talked about getting stuck in the Discord group bug reports! It got my stuck character unstuck. Go to the controller settings and check the "Help! I'm stuck!" box. :)



New Posts
  • Since our last update the auto save interferes with all game play. Walking, jumping, fishing, when in storage, it stops the transfer of items. At first I was ok with it, now it's getting really annoying. I tried reinstalling but it's still there.
  • Went to explore diamond hills and trying to find way back down I jumped over cliff and realized after wandering that I was in the water. i tried to reload game hoping that it didn't save before i jumped and game crashed. I did fill out report fyi. I went to run game again and Im still in same spot cant find way out so have to wait till i pass out cuz nothing came up showing I was losing stamina or in the water
  • if you want to go fishing but you can change your angel if you choose another item :/