April and May Report 2017


Wow so sorry for the super late update. My last updated started exactly like that as well. Jayden needed some time to move to a new state and I came down with the flu. However, by no means did that mean that development paused for a long period of time.We got quite a bit done again. Most of it is not anything we can show in the videos it's mostly data entry and bug fixes and little things to polish up the game. Here is what we have been working on up till now

The boring stuff

I was getting wallpapers together for the house decor. We have around 40 different kinds of wallpaper all with multiple colors to choose from. Those are just patterns, it does not include colors and textures for wood and flat colors.

I added and worked on the different food processors such as; windmill, beer barrel, dye pot, still, cheese processor etc. 

Fixing up the inventory data table, so looking for and correcting missing information

All the food finally not only have prices, but they all also give the player stamina when eaten.

All that doesn't sound like a lot, but like I've been saying we have a lot of items and it's time consuming. Hopefully it will all be worth it.

New things added and worked on

So some things Jayden has been working on and added that has really made the game come together.

- You can now pass out and end up at the clinic where the doctor will scold you. - Clothing shop framework is set up so you can buy and change clothes - Colors have been added to character customization, so the different - Framework for the dialogue has been polished up - ATM has been added so you can pay off any debts you owe to the home extension place - Fixed up the fishing a little bit. It still needs balancing, but now the ticker moves a much more challenging pace

Hopefully the next update will be big, because Jayden set up a lot of important framework. Now what's left is adding the meshes and patterns to make it come alive. I'm hoping by July or August we can start doing livestreams, because by the game should be in a presentable state.

Again really sorry for the lack updates. Like I mentioned we've added in all the core systems we promised for Beta and now it's just fixing bugs and adding content. Thanks again for your support! 

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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