August Dev Report 2018


Hey guys. Development on the game is still going well, and once again there is not much to report on. Things have been worked on at an even clip. As per usual, the priorities have been bug fixes and polishing up the game itself. We have quite a bit of work to do, so I can't say confidently when we plan to release, but we're going to be doing out best for the next 3 months to get the game up to a stable state.

General Overview

- Worked on the environment

- Fixed and edited a bunch of trees

- Assigned some NPCs their schedules

- Worked on the interior of some of the town buildings - Started working on Spoonie Island NPCs - Mining and a cave has been added and is functioning pretty well - Lip flaps and animations added to NPCs when the player talks to them - Salon has been added, so now the player can change their hair - Added the museum building (WIP) - Working on building more NPCs

- Added more models to the items in the inventory

Goals for September

- Working out bugs in multiplayer - Bug fixes and polish reported in the last test play - More NPC writing - Wahoo beach Characters - Polish up Fishing

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Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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