Demo Video 4 (2014)

So awesome new! Our inventory is almost finished. I say about 95%, we have a few aesthetic things to tweak and polish up, but the core functionality is up and running.

So the things we have working are:

1. Inventory pops up and exits by tapping the ‘i’ key

2. We have slots for icons to be stored and we can easily extend it to as small or big as we want, with the scroll bar to the side adjusting to it.

3. The icons show up

4. The icons can be dragged and dropped anywhere in the inventory

5. The items are stackable, and if a stack reaches it’s limit then a new stack starts in another slot (NOTE: The max limit is not going to be 4 in the game it’s just for testing purposes)

6. If you drag an item on top of another they’ll switch places 

7. The item spec oracle has been set up so we can easily add new items, chose icons for them, add descriptions and set a stack limit.

Next step is to get the hotbar at the bottom to show up

, and that's where you use your items. Hopefully that should be set up within a week. Other things we have completed this month.

Music: We have 3 songs completed including our trailer song. All of which will be revealed for the Kickstarter. Special thanks to Clarke for working on those.

Models: We finished all the basic prealpha models for the outside and inside of the house. Before we shoot the video we'll go back and polish those up but, they are more or less done. Now we're working on the town map, and we have some concepts for some buildings and one which should be textured soon and well as some of the NPCs modelled and rigged. 

Character animations: It's been going slowly but we're tweaking the animations so the character blinks more naturally. We need to figure out how to get a toon shader working in HE hopefully and then we can import it int the engine and swap out their model in there. 

Character designs: We have nearly 40 characters designed. All of the main NPCs for the shops have been created, now this month we'll be assigning personalities and character traits to them to make them come alive.

Social media things: Promotion is a huge part of making this happen. We have over 700 followers on tumblr, 70 on twitter, 100 on deviantart and 150 likes on facebook. :) We hope to continue growing in support and reaching out to people who may not have heard of us before!

That's all until next time! Special thanks to the staff they have been doing a great job!

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