February Dev Report 2016

Much work to be done, but progress is still good!

Hey again guys. Progress is still going very well with no major problems or obstacles. Obviously there are bugs that crop up, but we try to fix those when we can. I'm pretty proud of the progress so far and we're still eyeing the end of the year to release some kind of Beta. 


Special thanks again to Jayden for working really hard on these new updates

Animals and Ranching

We put in all the animals we're going to have for the Beta in engine. We're just working on their AI and setting them up to give the appropriate animal products. Animals get hungry, they will eat out of their fodder bin, they will go inside their barns at night, they will find grass outside and eat it, cows also give milk when you milk them. There are still some bugs that have to be fixed, but nothing too serious. We've pretty much got the basics of animal interactions done, we just need to set up the heart system and get the models for the different tools in engine to get the animal products.

Character Movements

We've set it up so when either fishing or tilling the land, the character will now run over to wherever the character has clicked and then perform the action. For fishing, the character will stop at the edge of the water and then start fishing.

Holding Items

The player can now hold an item in their hand and also run while holding that item. They can also equip different tools in their hands from the inventory.

Getting tired 

Depending on how low the stamina bar is, the character's animations will change to correspond to being tired.

Game World Development

Trees! As shown in Wahoo Beach, we started adding trees and foliage to the map which is really going to make it come alive. Speed tree has been incredibly easy and it will save us plenty of money since I can personally knock out multiple trees in a short about of time. This is especially important given how tight our budget is quickly becoming smaller as we approach the deadline. We are still missing a few buildings in town, but nothing too terribly noticeable. 


We are still working on character customization. The sliders are going to be tricky, but we're very close to figuring them out and we're prepping all the different types of clothes a character can wear. It's a challenge, but it will be well worth it when players can wear any kind of clothing no matter what body type they use. Fingers crossed we can make more progress and get closer to putting it in engine in late April or May.

Website updates

I did a major website cleanup. We've added and edited the NPC information and added Wahoo Beach NPCs to the menu. I also have to apologize again because I did not know that our 'Game Overview' page still had information back when we were planning on being an mmorpg. That's all been edited and fixed to reflect the current direction of the game since September and that is to be a multiplayer and single player game. We also added some screenshots and more icons to the icon page. 

What we have lined up to work on for next month! - Mail out Kickstarter rewards

- More work/testing for Character customization

- Texture the farm animals - Add more trees to the game world(Mostly tropical trees) - Add more assets to our model library to further decorate the town.

- Possibly work on the cooking/crafting systems and recipe books. 

- Work on the clothes and hair to be used in the character customization

- More NPC Design. We're still missing some key shopkeeper NPCs in the town. 

Thanks so much for your support!

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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