February Dev Report 2018


Hey guys, we had another very productive month of development. Lots of new models and Jayden is working weekly on content and bug fixes. The update is going to seem short, but that's because most of the work involved fixing like 30+ little things that's not really worth mentioning in detail. Here's a quick list of aspects of the ame we worked on.

- Worked on animal AI - Polished up some UI for Pop-Up Menus

- Added more cheek options in character customization - Added in a bunch of house models in the engine that can be bought.

- Edited some of the buildings in the world (most of them needed to be bigger) - Worked on NPC models

- Did basic textures and shading for quite a bit of the clothes

- Got most of the gem models done and textured

- Got some more of the food modelled and textured

- Did some work on farm instancing for multiplaye (This one will take a bit to finish)

and other miscelleanous bug fixes and polish, but it was a very productive month and I'm looking to March.


The goals for March are:

- Working on tutorials for most of the functions in the game

- Fix some bugs for animals - More models and textures for items

- Try to decorate and work on the environment some more

Thanks so much guys for your support. Again a very brief update, but make no mistake we're working on a lot of things. To follow us more closely, I have a dev blog on Discord where I post pictures and videos as I work. So consider following us on Discord

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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