Furniture Customization (2014)

This week's update

Sorry again guys for the lack of updates, everyone is still working really hard trying to put this together. Here is what we've done this week


Jrome our lead programmer has done what I thought would have taken months in a few weeks. We have our furniture customization system at almost 80% percent completion. What we have working is: 1- You can go into an edit mode in the house 2. You can select from a list some demo items and place them in a space 3. you move them around via arrows on the keyboard 4. you can click on a rotation arrow and spin them around. 5. All this works on a mathematical grid.

What he's going to be working on next is

1. Making it so you can customize items on the second story 2. Getting picture frames and wall items to detect whether it's on a wall or not

So we almost have one system down.  Jrome doesn't want to show off anything until we polish it up a little bit more, so hopefully in the next week or 2 we'll do a livestream. We're currently still having discussions about balancing out items as it relates to the economy and stamina between the classes. Like I mentioned it's going to take us possibly till the end of the year to get that squared away.

Art and Animations

Mark has redone the rigging on our base model so it animated much better than the old one. We're also breaking it down for character customization later this week and next week. 

In the next 1.5 weeks we'll be working on the maps for the game. So a more accurate plan of how the towns are set up as well as the whole game world continent. Then we'll have our modelers Jeremy begin making assets for the town, shops and game world. So by next month hopefully we can start showing off some in world art again. 

Music Music is going great :) Most need to remain secret until the Kickstarter backers receive their soundtracks first.

Thank you for your support until next time!

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