January Dev Report 2019

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Possible Beta release in a few months (fingers crossed) So some good news! Recent play-testing has proven the game to be at a good, playable state. We've also been finally testing using Steam keys and have been doing patches and updates via Steam for the testers. We have a pretty good feeling if everything continues to go well we can see a Beta release sometime in the Spring or Summer. Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive their Steam keys and once we work out some more bugs it will be released to the public. So things are looking pretty good for the game! If you can, leave a comment and give special thanks to Jayden our programmer for working hard to get us to this point. He's been fixing bugs and adding new features to the game at a good clip to get us at this point. Keep in mind a 'beta release' does not mean the game is finished. The game will have minor bugs and will be rough around the edges. However, it means you can play uninterrupted despite these bugs and by purchasing it in early beta will help us continue development. The price of the early beta will be $15. There really isn't much to report on specifically at this point because it's been mostly bug fixes, editing models, uploading UI etc. One of the major things being worked on is Wahoo Beach and NPC dialogue Goals for Next Month - More Writing - Get Wahoo Beach up and running - Polish and Bug Fixes - Steam page Up (It will say coming soon) Thanks again for the support. For the latest news check out our Discord Server

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