Jue Dev Report 2016

Progress is still going good!

Progress is still going well so far. No major hiccups have occurred that we have not been able to overcome quickly. It's still too soon to tell if we are still going to make our deadline of late 2016 early 2017 for our Beta. A lot of depends on how much time it takes for the assets to be created, as well as bugs we will have to polish. The good news is many of the core features are in and the few last remaining things to tackle are, NPCs, Weather, Housing Customization. Then it's connecting everything together and polishing them up to completion. 

Starting Character Customization

Jayden was working on the character customization last month. It's about 30% completed. We have a few bugs you may have noticed in the demo, but nothing that can't be fixed. So we are well on our way to creating a genderless character customization system. All clothes, all body parts will be available no matter what kind of character you create. It's going to take much work, but we hope it will be worth it.


We have also begin working on speech bubbles and dialogue for interacting with the NPCs. You can receive a dummy quest from an npc and it will be added to the quest book. 

Much polishing must be done for this, but it is well on its way. 

These things above will be an ongoing process, with the animations hopefully being finished by August and the clothes and town being worked on until the end of the year.

We also have new music being made for Wahoo Beach, however I am holding out from releasing those until the game release. It'll be a surprise.  

What we have lined up to work on for next month! -  Add varying eyes, mouth, and other customization options.

- Work on Character customization bugs and add the other options.

- Work on textures for the builings and world

- Music for Wahoo Beach

- Working on NPCs and clothes

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