July Dev Report 2015

Illustration by freakxwannaxbe July has come and gone and it was a bit rough once again. However, some big changes have been happening with the Engine so hopefully it will help us out in the months ahead. We did get some things accomplished, but once again fallen behind and some other aspects of development. This was due to a couple of hiccups. First was corruption error that caused us to lose the Spoonie Island area we were developing as well as a couple of issues with the surrounding area. Our goal was to have that developed by this month but it doesn't look like that is going to happen as we need to piece it back together with the rest of the map and start over. Second hiccup is we're trying to debug an issue with the facegen before we can move on to importing clothes, however it looks like we should be able to get that sorted out before the end of August.

Asset creation

The good news is Mark has been working on the clothes for the game. We have a list of specific types of clothes and he's pretty much done with the pants and the shirts. Not the most glamous screenshots taken from the modelling program Maya, but we wanted to show you guys where we are. These still need to be properly textured with the exception of the couple images of the jeans texture which I have been working on, but still needs some work. The current count which has been finished modelling is 13 types of pants, 20 types of skirts, 5 pairs of gloves, 31 types of shirts, 3 braceletes and a belt. So the next step which we are working on this month is applying the different textures and start building a library.

Icon creation

We have a couple of herb icons done by, but we werne't able to complete the set as we had intended, however we will try to complete it in August.


Jrom has been working on implementing a complete chat system. This includes local chat, global, guild, whisper, party etc. We hope to also have that completed by the end of this month. He's had to create and scrap the system a few times in order to get it just right so it's hopefully bug free. 


Soundtrack for PumpkinVale is completed! Whooo 24 songs all composed by the talented Clark Bonafe! So this is what the playlist looks like as well as the music for the time and season! We will be distributing this first soundtrack to our backers who had it as a reward. Also we are making plans to sell the soundtrack.

Kickstarter rewards

Don't think I have forgotten, but I still have a bit of postcards and buttons to make and send out. I plan to send more of those out this month. Apologies for that for being so late but hopefully it'll be a nice little surprise :) 

Goals for this month 

Some goals for this month to get us back on track. - Texture a Majority of the clothes - Build a texture library - Chat System partially functioning - FaceGen completed - Spoonie Island area redone - Herb icons done - More rewards to be sent out

Thanks again for your support guys

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