July Development Report 2019 (LAUNCHED)

Hey guys! We did it! We launched! It has been an incredibly long journey, but we would not have gotten here had it not been for everyone's amazing support and encouragement. You can read about that long journey in our news archived. We are on Steam! You can buy the game right now for $14.99. What Next? Lots and lots of bug fixes! Our work is not done yet, there is still quite a bit of content we need to implement. We have some goals that would make us stand out from other indie, early access games: 1. New patches every week 2. New content/feature every week, even if it's something small. 3. Engaging with the community as much as we can between working on the game. I want to give a shout out to the youtubers and streamers who have played our game and introduced our game to new people. We really appreciate it. There isn't much to report on in our monthly news blog, as our steam community has all of our patch updates and announcements. However, we will still write these to report on the a general health of the game and it's development. Thank you so much again! If you have any questions or comments let us know.

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