July Report 2017


Hi guys! July was also looking pretty good in regards to development. Still hammering away at those bugs and glitches that crop up.

Developmemt So Far

Most of the development has been pretty much NPC and animal focused. We've been setting up the heart system and adding some more dialogue variables for the NPCs. We've also been assembling the NPCs together.Also all Pumpkinvale NPCs (Around 30+) All have their liked and loved gifts set up, that was fun to do. Some of the shops have been buggy for awhile but most of them are working pretty well now. You can also name your animals and farm now. Also the mayor's intro and farm space in Wahoo Beach have been set up. Jayden also did a lot of bug fixes and polishes to the UI. 

 What we're working on next.

Up next is the daunting task of populating the engine with all the different kinds of furniture and of clothes. Special thanks to Cutemo who is doing t-shirt designs for us. We're adding more hair to the engine as well. We're also polishing up placing furniture in the house as well and buying barns and coops. Also trying to get the final NPC models assembled and getting rid of the placeholder characters we currnently have. Lots of little things that need to be done. We're working on adding more content before we go back and work on the environment again. Sorry, no video again this month we're still not quite ready. We've been adding a lot of neat stuff but, some of the UI is still buggy. I don't want to show off again unless things are looking pretty good. Thanks again so much for your support! If you wish to chat with directly join our discord server. You can also access our developer updates with screenshots and behind the scenes information. 

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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