June Development Report 2019

It's almost here guys! We're really close to releasing the game publicly on Steam in early access. The soft launch to Kickstarter backers has been going really well. There have been a lot of bug reports, but we've been getting through them very quickly. Those who have been playing Pumpkin Days and providing feedback in our Discord have enjoyed it so far with some reportedly clocking in over 25 hours already. The main goal this month is to polish the game a little bit more before releasing publicly at the end of the month.

We're currently working on the environment changing with the seasons and improving furniture placement. This month we will begin a marketing campaign to spread the word about the game as much as possible.

Remember though, even though the game so far has a decent amount of content, it is still an early access game. So please keep in mind that there will be bugs, weird graphical glitches, missing content, etc.

Thank you so much for your support. If you would like to further help the development of the game please support us on Patreon. We have patron exclusive polls which determine which features we work on next and we mail out monthly stickers on the higher tiers. Any questions or comments about Pumpkin Days please let us know.

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