June Report 2017


Alright back on track with the monthly updates. So last month Jayden was working on mutliplayer bugs and general fixes and bugs we've discovered while test playing. We're still confident we are making pretty good progress. 

Things currently being worked on.

Getting the clothes for the NPCs of Wahoo beach modeled We are reallly pushing our Kickstarter goal here by trying to get 2/3 towns mostly functioning by the time we release our Beta (We only intended for 1). The NPCs are currently the most challenging thing to put together as they need to look really good, and as close to their original design as possible. I'm not even expecting most of the NPCs to be put together until the very end. 

Uploading the dialogue in the game. We have most of the dialogue for the characters in Pumpkinvale finished, and it's just a matter of assigning at what heart level they are said at. Special thanks for our game designer Matt for laboriously working on the dialogue. Next up to tackle is Wahoo beach characters. 

Polishing up Character customization.  The previous month we did a lot of work on character customization, by adding in the eyes and having them animate. Now we're going to tackle hair colors, and finish uploading the eyebrows. The character customization feels about 70-80% complete. When our close friends test played the character customization appears to be very fun.  

Adding more Wallpaper

We uploaded maybe about half of the wallpaper patterns we intend to be in the game. We're hoping we can finish up setting up all the different ways paints and kinds of wallpaper that can be used to paint the player's house.

Adding in Food Models

We've been working on texturing and uploading some food models. We have a lot to get through but hopefully it'll be worth it. Here is a little taste of what we've been working on.

So those are the things we are going to be working on in July. Wish us luck! As for programming we're hoping to work on ranching and animals some more so they will be fully functioning. Thanks so much for your support guys!

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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