March Dev Report 2016

A bit of a break, but still working

A couple of us took a bit of a break, so we don't have as many things to show off this time. However, what we did manage to get done is very important.

Cooking and Crafting System

Jayden has set up our cooking and crafting system as shown in our demo video. The player's cookbook will detect what items they have in their inventory and they can select which recipes they would like to make. We wanted to go for a very easy and intuitive cooking system for Pumpkin Online with a short mini game. 

Saving and Loading

You can now save and load your game. This will require much testing to ensure everything is saved properly, but it has been set up to remember the player's inventory, location, and time of day and some other things. 

New trees and foliage

We're continuing to work on building up the town by adding trees and foliage. We've gotten most of the main trees done for Wahoo Beach and now we've been working on Pumpkinvale which has more deciduous trees. Next is to work on trees that the player can grow as well as the plants for the farming to finish that system up proper. 

Farm Animals for Beta finished!

The animals are finally finished, complete with their textures with a few tweaks to be made. We will not be showing all the different colors publicly (that will be a surprise when the game launches) but all the animals (minus the chickens for now) have at least 6 different coat variations, which have all been finished. This will add a wide variety to a player's ranch.

Icons are finished (For now)!

Our main icons for the game are now finished! Of course we may add a few here and there if we missed something, but we went through our entire item list and we have all the items we need for Beta (and also most for Gold) Now the task of putting in all these items (1000+ items) in the game engine and adding properties and descriptions. It will be a lot, but hopefully well worth it!

More character designs We've been working on more character designs. We're not quite done with all the NPCs we plan to have but we're pretty close. We're working on finishing up Wahoo Beach, then we have a few more to add for the other towns. We'll be adding those to the website soon and posting on places such as tumblr. 

What we have lined up to work on for next month! - More Trees and plants

- Work on Shops and Vendors

- Mail out more Kickstarter rewards

- More character designs

- Working on NPC hair models

Jayden will be away for some part of the month so we may get more things done, but right now

it is uncertain. 

Thanks so much for your support!

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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