March Dev Report 2018


Hey guys! We had another productive month of development. We're trying to ramp up the frequency and speed of the game's development, but we can only do so much since our team is really small. Here's the update on what we've been working on during March. No videos or screenshots yet, since we still have quite a bit of polish to do.

Most of the programming this month has been setting up tutorials to help players learn how to play the game.  Tutorials may not seem like anything big, but after observing our early alpha testers, it is super important and we've been spending a lot of time on them to make sure they are good. Jayden also set up a robust crafting system where players can customize furniture with a bunch texture options available. You can turn flowers into dyed cloths which cna be used to craft furniture.

We also worked on flower models for the game. Not all of the flowers are finished, but it certainly makes the map feel more lively. We've also been working on models for various items such as foods, ores, gems and the flowers. We have quite a number of items so it's going to be quite a task, but we made some good progress so far.

We also have a voice acting company helping us out with voices for the game. We will have very simple and short voices in the game, and the voices for the first town are almost done, which is exciting. 


The goals for April are:

- Work on NPC models as much as possible - More work on multiplayer and farm instances - Finish setting up flowers - Set up more clothing options in the game - More work on the game map

- Bug fixes - Misc polishing on different systems. - Send out the Kickstrater postcard rewards

Thank you guys so much for your support. We're looking for another productive month of development. So consider following us on Discord

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Fa-rend & Piotrek

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