May Development Report 2019

We’re happy to announce that Pumpkin Days will release to Kickstarter backers this upcoming weekend! If you are a backer, instructions on how to get your key will be sent via the Kickstarter blog.

Our hope is to release the game in early access to the public sometime this July or August, but we’ll let you know for sure over the next few months. For now, here’s what we’ve been working on as we get ready for the Kickstarter release.

Multiplayer Core Functionality is Done

In our last report, we talked about beginning to implement multiplayer features. We’ve been running tests throughout May and everything we were hoping to put in the game seems to be stable. In June, we’re going to focus on giving multiplayer functionality some more polish and making sure nothing you might end up doing will cause significant lag.

Lighting Rehauled

The lighting system has been revamped to make everything a bit brighter and make shadows a bit crisper. See for yourself in the photos below.

Dahlia stands at a register holding a gift given to her by the player.  A text bubble appears above her head saying "Aw, honeybee!"
Old Lighting

The same picture as above (at least a close attempt at recreating it, but with the new lighting system implemented
New Lighting

A few misc details

  • What plants grow in what towns has been slightly rebalanced to give more variability. Wahoo Beach has many of the fruit trees exclusively now, meaning that you’re much more likely to care for an orchard instead of a ground plot.

  • You can raise animals that don’t give any animal products, such as pigs and bulls. Their resale value goes up with their heart level, so if you love and care for them enough you can still make money off them even in the absence of animal products.

  • Finished all the NPC models. There are about 60 in total, most of which are dateable. You can see our full list of characters under the “About Game -> Characters” tab of our website.

Goals for June

  1. Release the game to Kickstarter backers

  2. Add polish as bug reports come in from new Kickstarter players

  3. Keep working on basic NPC dialogue and quests with a goal of finishing it all no later than August

We post updates on our progress every day for patrons on our Discord channel. Visit our Patreon page for more information.

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