November and December Report 2017


So sorry guys for the late update. Everyone was either away for the holidays or sick with the flu. I myself was travelling abroad to visit family during December so it was not possible for me to do proper work on the game or write any worthwhile updates. However, it's a new year, I'm home, everyone is home and we're all working. Here are some of the things that we manage to get done over the holidays

 Working on Animals

Jayden did more work on the animals. You can buy animals and they will give animal products. There are still some things we need to put together, but the animals are almost fully functional.

 NPC Quests

Jayden set up a specific system where we can generate and write quests for specific NPCs. Hopefully that will be fun. NPCs will also follow the player around for certain quests.

Journal and Quest book Setup

Jayden polished up and set up the journal so that quests the player receive will be listed on it including the time left to complete. 

And the usual bug fixes among many systems and aspects of the game. 

So far the development of the game is still going well. Not major hiccups, it's just chipping away at a lot systems and assets that need to be created. 

 What we're working on next.

- Assembling more NPCs - Multiplayer house instancing - Working on the animals - Working on Shops - Working on more additions to character customization  - Writing NPC dialogue and quests - Working on more models and textures for the furniture in the furniture shop. 

There are so many little things in the games we bounce back and forth between as we find new bugs and glitches. However, we are entering crunch time so to aim for a summer release we will be working extra hard on the game and push our milestones. Hopefully if things go well we would like to do a live twitch livestream in later the spring. 

Wish us luck. Thanks so much for the support!

If you wish to chat with directly join our discord server. You can also access our developer updates with screenshots and behind the scenes information. 

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan & Piotrek

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