November Dev Report 2018

November was a really good month for development. Although there were the usual bugs that cropped up unexpectedly, most of the feedback from testers were related to game balancing. This is a good sign because it means that we've moved on to making sure the game is balanced. Balancing issues are usually really simple to fix. As you've probably noticed we have a new website. It was tedious, but in an effort to archive our development progress since we started in 2014 I've copy and pasted all of the old news posts into this website. Brief list of what was worked on - Spoonie Island Shops - Spoonie Island Character Dialogue - Some work on the environment with the beaches - New fishing system. - Swamp area set up. - More fish models and textures - Optimization Goals for December - More NPC dialogue - Balance Fishing Better - More Work on Character Models - Polish Up UI and some Systems - Merchant Shops Set Up. So everything is going well. According to the testers we're still not ready to release yet. We have a strict standard we are trying to meet and before we can release we are waiting approval from our testing group. We will have a better idea how close we are to releasing after the next test in January. Fingers crossed everything continues to go well. It's the holidays but we're still working. Thanks again for your support!

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