November Report 2016

We've gotten so much work done over the year. It looks good for a 2017 Beta release.


Last month we made some really really good progress. The development video is a bit late, but I hope we can be forgiven as it's in two parts. We're almost all done with the all systems required for the Beta release it looks like starting from January much of our development is going to polishing up systems, tying everything together, debugging and adding all the assets needs to make the world come alive, like the NPCs, crops, furniture, clothes etc.


NPC schedules have been implemented, so now we can set up what and where NPCs go throughout the day. The AI path following needs to be further tested but NPCs will automatically find their way to the next spot they need to be.

We fixed up the dialogue balloon so it doesn't appear at an angle when the camera rotates. NPCs will turn to face the player when talked to and will also turn their heads towards the player when they are nearby. 

We also started work on the clothes system. As promised the player can set their body type and all the clothes in the game will adjust to the body type. No gender limitations. The clothing does need extensive testing as we need to make sure the models don't clip through each other. However, it looks pretty good so far. 

We set up the shops for buying animals and shops that sell food. The player can buy and name an animal from the animal shop and it will appear on their property so long as there is a barn.

Special thanks to Jayden for setting everything up for us once again! Wonderful work!


On the model side. It's going to be a long process but we have 7 NPCs in engine. We have many more to put in, but the more we put in the easier it should get later on. We also started organizing different types of furniture and putting together the NPC houses.  

Moving Forward

Goals for next demo video - It will not be available for the public, but it will be ready for super private testing. So a player can boot up and 'play' the late alpha up buying a farm. 

- Add in buying and customizing houses

- Player profile

- Clean up on various systems

Like said we have a lot of work to do, but we definitely see a 2017 Beta release somewhere around summer. Thanks again guys for your support. 

Thanks again for your support guys

Illustration by Dark-Oshigan& Piotrek

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