November Development Report 2019


Development is going very well, and November was another productive month. We've been able to make multiple patches throughout the month, with at least 2 or 3 being major patches. The main feature we implemented was our translations website, where users can translate parts of the game that we can easily port into the engine. Most of our players are from Germany so we decided to spend some time making that a reality as soon as possible. Sadly we do not have the budget to translate the game fully, and the game is very text-heavy (it would be the equivalent of translating a novel). How much of the game gets translated is solely up to the commitment of fans.

During December, work on Pumpkin Days will slow down because of the holidays, but we will be back with major updates in January. In the meantime, if there are updates it will be small things like more furniture and polishing up some visual aspects of the game etc.

Removing Bug Reports on Website

We're going to be removing the bug reports on our website. It's been hard keeping up with bug reports in so many places. So from now on if you must make a bug report it needs to be via the steam community here, or on our Discord. This will help us to quickly find issues and consolidate where all the reports are.

Thank you, everyone, for your support! I hope everyone has an amazing holiday!

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