October Development Report 2019


Development during October went well. Uploaded multiple Pumpkin Patches and fixed a lot of crucial bugs in single-player. We've been working on and off on controller support as that is proving to be more difficult than we anticipated. We think we are close to finishing it, but everything needs to be working well before we can officially announce that is an alternative option to mouse and keyboard. To catch with all the Pumpkin Days news be sure to check out our Steam community page here. Game development has been healthy and still going strong. We are a small team but we are adding new content and fixing bugs at a good clip.

Fan Translation Page

We have a new fan translation page! You can access it from this website under community. Or you can check it out at pumpkin-days-translations.com. Many of our players are from Germany and so we've had requests and inquires for translations. Being a small studio of 3 it is not feasible for us to hire a company to localize for us. So we're relying on the community to submit translations for us via this website and then we can easily port it over to the game.

Thank you for your support! If you have any questions or comments let us know.

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