Pre-Alpha Update 2014

Ok this is kind of late, had this posted up every else last week. Anyways I finally got a video of me talking and showing off what we have so far for our pre-alpha. In the demo video we have: 

1. The outdoor area and the new updated assets 2. Added in some mountains in the background 3. We have our own clouds that move  4. Showing what rain looks like.  5. Inside demo room again 6. Demoing the GUI we have up and show that it’s moveable.

And what we have done so far in terms of our pre-alpha goals:

1. A working inventory (40%) 2. Our own character running in engine (50%) 3. Two demo areas built *DONE* 4. Character being able to collect water, seed, and harvest a plot of land. (0%) 5. Area instancing (setting up the functionality for having a private player farm, and then a public area.)(0%) 6. What the whole GUI is going to look like on the screen even if it’s not all functioning. So we’ll have the; the time,date, (40%)

Currently just trying to get the inventory working and linked to a player account. Which is going to take some time, and then once we have items working we can work on the actual farming plot. We really need to get our character in there but I've been helping out our programmer sort out some stuff first so we're going to re-visit the character later. Thanks again for following us.

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