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Sep 04, 2019
In BUG REPORTS- Singleplayer
Hey guys! I've been really enjoying the game since I bought it a few days ago, but now I've run into a REALLY annoying bug. This part of my field (shows that we need working fencing asap because HELLO animal gathering) contains hybrid seeds that should take 13 days to grow. They were planted (and fertilized) 1st thing in the morning on the 1st day of spring. As you can see it's now the 17th and they are not fully grown (after backing up my save I fastforwarded 36 hours by sleeping and they were not grown by the morning of the 19th). I don't really know what could have caused this. Every seed was fertilized. I have been staying up past midnight a lot of the times, because since I have crafted the highest tier tools I don't really need much sleep anymore. Autosave was never turned off, didn't even touch the settings. I tried to upload my backup-save directly, but it wouldn't work... so I uploaded it to mediafire: I reall hope this can be fixed soon, because I really love this game and want to keep playing and progressing!
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