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Trafalgar Law
Sep 19, 2019
In BUG REPORTS- Singleplayer
I miss Fried... He was White and sooooo cute and fluffy he even would let me pick him up. However he probably ran away :( OK Fried is one of my chickens that one day ( 3 or 4 in game days ago) just wasn´t there but still was listed as one of my animals. I restarted the game and moved all my buildings, nothing helped. On the next in Game day Frieds Status was " animal ref invalid" and the day after that he was gone completly. Has Someone else the same Problem? i mean my horse was gone one day too but not from my list and it was back the next day. Edit: ok the list status switches from "looks normal " "animal ref invalid" or there is no status at all bc he is not in the list. Oh and he is still missing

Trafalgar Law

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