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Aug 20, 2019
In BUG REPORTS- Singleplayer
When I played this game for the first time and went around meeting everyone, their birthdays would appear on my calendar. Ever since I saved, exited, and reloaded my game, they no longer appear. If I go and meet new NPCs (example: when I finally went to Wahoo Beach and met the tailor there, his birthday appeared on my calendar) their birthdays will show up, but disappear when I save, exit, and load the game back up. (It also isn't just the present-box icon being invisible, I clicked around and nothing was there.) I hope this is fixed soon, I love giving people gifts on their birthday! :-) Thank you!! (Oh, also this isn't as big of an issue, but when I give Black Mask polished Jet, or complete one of his request board requests, the Friendship Increase indicator doesn't show up. Not 100% sure yet if the friendship points are still added without the message, I'll give him some more gifts to see. :D) (Edit: Yeah I did a few requests for him, Black Mask doesn't gain any friendship from requests or his Loved gift. Same for El Toro Furioso.)
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