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Jul 27, 2019
In BUG REPORTS- Singleplayer
Specifically, as IDP.ALEXA.51: This was the warning I got after I tried to open a bug report for something else entire, but I don't have screenshots for it. When I started the game, I was able to enter third-person mode by scrolling down on the mouse wheel, but couldn't get back to first-person mode. I hit escape to go to the menu to see if I could find something with an explanation of the controls (I couldn't), then "menu," which asked if I was sure I wanted to go back to the title screen (I didn't), then "admin," which brought up some stuff about starting a server. I couldn't get the "admin" text to go away no matter what I clicked. Even after the secretary finally appeared to speak to me, and I left-clicked her to talk, the "admin" text stayed on screen UNDER her text bubbles. That's when I tried to file a bug report and AVG flagged the game as a virus. Now that it's quarantined, I can't play it to try to get screenshots of any of the other issues I was having. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but I guess that doesn't change the fact that it's quarantined. I sent the file to AVG for analysis, so maybe it's a false positive and they'll eventually report it as one. In the meantime, I'm extremely uncomfortable with telling AVG that it's a false positive myself and playing a game that's been flagged as a virus, so the game is unplayable.
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