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Jun 14, 2019
In BUG REPORTS- Singleplayer
While I was on Orpheus' farm, I tried to pet one of his chickens (Daisy I think), but I picked it up and I couldn't figure out how to put it down. So I was running around with a chicken in my arms for a while until I decided to try to put it in my pocket, thinking it would put it back on the ground. But it ended up fusing it to my hand. Equipping tools or seeds didn't help anything, neither did going to sleep for the night. I was able to water my crops with the chicken in my hand, so it didn't break anything too bad, just made it look really weird. Running around with a chicken attached to my hand, flinging as my arms moved. Didn't even think about taking a screenshot until I had gotten out of the game to post on here. But when I went back into the game to get a screenshot of it, the chicken was no longer in my hand. So it sorted itself out. I was not able to recreate it, but here's just in case it happens again, or to someone else.


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