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If you do not receive your key in 4 days please contact us

PLEASE NOTE  the game is still in early beta so there will be bugs such as model clipping, typos, weird geometry, weird NPC AI, possible floating animals, etc. However, according to testers, the game should have 10 -30hrs+ of gameplay for you to enjoy. 

If you would rather wait a little bit longer before playing we'll be officially releasing a public version in July/August.

At this time we ask that no videos be released of the game just yet as we want to polish it up a little bit more. We'll let you know when you can.

Once you download the game consider joining our Discord community if you haven't already. This is where you can report bugs, find friends to play with, discuss the game, give suggestions etc. with other players.

@ message someone to get a Kickstarter role so you can see the secret chat.

If you can't see the form above please click here for it.